Books by Judith Kay

Out of My League – First in a Series
Out of My League

Consumed by ambition, J.P. Ralston controls everything in his reach-a successful law practice, any woman he desires, and total social freedom. His world is turned upside down by the local librarian. Samira Cartwright is everything J.P. has purposefully avoided. She’s steady, smart, and predictable, yet she mysterioiusly permeates his every thought. Unable to resist Samira’s quiet beauty, J.P. dares to engage, but the consequences are demanding, sending both J.P. and Samira summersaulting into their pasts. Broken relationships, disappointments, and old wounds must be reconciled, with only a fine line between what is from what might yet be. Out of My League – Love Never Makes a Wrong Choice, will surprise you, challenge you and test you as you discover remnants of your own life etched in the pages. Judith Kay presents a relational masterpiece that draws you into hearts and minds of fictional characters who are so real you would recognize them on the street corner in your hometown.

A League of Our Own – Second in a Series
A League of Our Own

Sometimes the end is only the beginning.  Merging two families into one, two parents over four teenagers, and one household into unified order is the parenting challenge of a lifetime. But the stakes are higher when popular opinion threatens parental decisions and social agendas take precedent over house rules.

Nothing is as easy as it seems.

A League of Our Own, the next book in this series, picks up where Out of My League leaves off. Merging two families into one exposes the complexities of parenting and tests the boundaries of love in new, sometimes frustrating, other times enlightening ways. Stay tuned for the release of A League of Our Own coming soon!

Excerpts can be found in Judith Kay’s blog on this site.

Diagnosis Dementia – Prognosis Hope – A Journey through Dementia
Diagnosis Dementia ~ Prognosis Hope

Experiences from daily life as a full-time caregiver to her beloved mother, Judith Kay retraces the phases of memory loss. Dementia has many phases, some more prominent than others. This collection of stories will make you laugh so hard you will cry, yet sometimes a good cry helps everything.

Observations and tips for current caregivers are included as well as personal findings on prevention and other help aides as the disease takes its toll on patient and care-giver alike.

Diagnosis Dementia ~ Prognosis Hope is due out later this year.

Excerpts can be found in Judith Kay’s blog on this site.

Household Faith – Excerpts from Life

Household Faith captures observations from every day life in stories and ponderings. This collection of blogs and musings will warm your heart and comfort your soul. Unafraid to ask the hard questions of Life, Judith Kay spins mundane, otherwise routine experiences into meaningful possibilities.

Excerpts can be found in Judith Kay’s blog on this site.

UnSpoken-ness ~ On Death and Dying, On Life and Living


Unspoken-nes, due out later this year, is a collection of evolutionary ponderings and observations, experiences, and insight from topics of grief, death, and dying are comingled with stories about life and daily living. Ironically, they all go together and eventually bring us full circle — right back to the place we began.

Excerpts can be found in Judith Kay’s blog on this website.

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